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Research and Studies Committee:

The Research Committee at NEDA is concerned with identifying new areas that are eligible to benefit the most out of the Youth Training Programs. This is carried out through studying the suggested areas where there are available opportunities in the job market and youth development needs. They also identify Civil Society Organizations that exist in those areas.

Youth Selection Committee:

The Youth Assessment and Selection Committee set the criteria for the selection of youth applying for the project. The Committee also evaluates the applications and excludes those that do not match the set criteria. The committee holds the first interview with the applicants and selects those who match the criteria.

Awareness Committee:

The Awareness Committee sets the youth awareness curriculum, which emphasizes the proper work concepts among youth and prepares them for a professional lifestyle. For that, the committee:

  • Develops an action plan to organize a series of orientation meetings in the target areas.
  • Prepares the different curricula needed for the awareness program sessions (lectures and workshops).
  • Contacts experts and specialists for carrying out the awareness training sessions using practical ways.

Training Committee:

The role of the Training Committee is summed up in the following:

  • Reviewing the different jobs and their requirements for training.
  • Identifying the training needs that fulfill the job market requirements and the coordinates between those requirement and the available training opportunities to achieve integration between them.
  • Identifying the different training centers and their specialties, evaluates their performance and the efficiency of their trainers to ensure the compatibility with the training objectives.
  • Performing the second interview to help the trainees identify their direction in the job market.
  • Preparing a list of specialists and trainers related to the specific training needs of NEDA.
  • Following-up on the different training courses through regular field visits to the training centers to ensure their effectiveness, and identify and solve any difficulties.

Employment Committee:

The role of the employment committee is summed up in the following:

  • Making a list of the current and future career needs of NEDA's partner companies.
  • Identifying the different entities that offer job opportunities. And, cooperates with the existing employment offices.
  • Setting up the employment strategy, system, rules and performance measures.
  • Forming a network of supportive companies that would help with providing practical training for youth.
  • Following up on the practical training and transportation allowance for youth and dealing with any problems.
  • Evaluating the trainees during the practical training to identify their benefit from the training and experience gained by them that qualify them for finding other jobs in the market.
  • Carrying-up post-employment follow-up with the youth and their companies in order to assess their performance.

Funding Committee:

The Funding Committee searches for and identifies the necessary financial means for NEDA through businessmen and private companies.

Marketing and Networking Committee:

The Marketing and Networking Committee is responsible for marketing NEDA’S programs and building a network of relationships that NEDA requires to fulfill its mission. This includes building relationships with project funding parties.

IT Committee:

The IT Committee is responsible for developing the different databases that NEDA needs on the organizational and operations-level. It also develops the basic structure of the databases the partner organizations would need in the future.