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Part of NEDA’s program includes offering the trained youth opportunities for practical On-the-Job training or internship in one of the companies or organization for three months after they finish their preliminary training stages (Awareness and Management/Technical/Vocational Training stages). NEDA pays transportation expenses to youth.
If you have any opportunities to offer the youth this kind of practical experience by training them in your organization/company please submit the required information below and we will contact you upon the graduation of a new group of youth from NEDA.

Criteria of Youth Accepted in NEDA's Program:

  • Egyptian youth (male and female) with high or above average qualifications.
  • Age ranges from 18 to 28 years.
  • Males must have completed their military service or exempted from it.
  • Socio-economic levels low to medium.
  • Totally dedicated throughout the training and committed to attend all stages.
  • Willing to learn new skills and work in unconventional jobs.
  • Currently, do not work but have the ability and desire to search for a job.
  • Willing to work in fields different from their education degree if necessary.
  • Willing to work in relatively far areas from where they live, especially females.

Available training fields for youth:

  • Secretarial and administration work.
  • Accounting.
  • Sales and Telesales.
  • Customer Service and Call Center.
  • Hairdressing and Cosmetics.
  • Mobile phones maintenance.
  • Computers maintenance.
  • Other Vocational fields.

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