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Sustainability Model

A. Model:

In order to ensure the continuation of NEDA’s goals and work in various locations, NEDA started working with local partners (NGOs/ Organizations) with the aim of sharing its experience in youth development with them in order to guarantee the sustainability of NEDA’s work.

Local Partners are selected based on the following criteria:

  • It should be registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs
  • Should have their headquarters at the target geographical location and their premises should not be part of any religious institution
  • It should have youth and community development on its agenda
  • It has to be active and demonstrated capability to manage development projects with at least 3 years of experience in the field of development
  • Should have past experience in co-operating with funding organizations
  • Should have not less than 10 active volunteers and at least 3 permanent staff members
  • The board members, volunteers & employees of the organization have to demonstrate eagerness for youth training for the job market
  • It has to demonstrate openness to the whole community and the ability to work with all members of the society without discrimination
  • Should have no political or religious affiliation


B. Process:

At the beginning of the partnership, NEDA is responsible for the full implementation of the project, then its role decreases while that of the local partner increases until the local partner is capable of managing all project components at the end of the project.


C. Partners:

  1. Maadi Youth Training Centre (MYTC)
    Registered at the ministry of social affairs under 42/2010 Helwan, and is part of the Coptic Benevolent Society in Maadi, founded in 1955 with updated registration under Law 84/2002. MYTC was founded in 1997 with the goal of building the capabilities of youth in order to prepare them for the job market, but ended up to work as a recruitment office despite having training as one of its building blocks. When chosen by NEDA as a local partner, MYTC started focusing on Training for Employment as per NEDA’s vision and started recruiting volunteers and establishing the necessary committees to achieve this goal.
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  2. "Sane El Khayrat" Foundation in Shobra, Cairo
    Sane El Khayrat association focuses on spreading and instilling correct economic, cultural & social values in youth as the right building blocks for supporting them in their professional careers.

  3. Future Eve ("Hawaa el Mostakbel") for Developing Families, Cairo
    This organization targets working with youth from both genders (with girls in particular) in order to instill in them the value of work and financial independence. The organization provides loans to start micro-projects and trains youth to carry feasibility studies.

  4. Women's development organization "My Life" ("Hayaty")
    This is a local partner for executing projects in Shobra El Kheima and its suburbs. The organization targets working with youth from both genders (with girls in particular) in order to instill in them the value of work and financial independence. It also provides them with loans to start micro-projects and help them carry feasibility studies.