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The duration of NEDA’s program varies from 2 weeks to 3 months, In addition to that, there is a possibility for a practical training which varies from 1 - 3 months.

There is a gap between the actual skills and capabilities of the fresh graduates, and the job market needs. This represents the major reason of the unemployment problem. For this reason, NEDA works through a special program to train youth from both genders on the skills that qualify them to match the job market needs.

NEDA rehabilitates the youth to enable them to match the job market needs, and this allows them to find job opportunities on their own.

NEDA established some criteria to ensure that the youth are benefiting from the Training program such as the extent of the seriousness and commitment of the youth and their realization of the reality of the current job market in our society.

Youth Selection Criteria:

  • Enrollment is available for both genders.
  • For youth with university degrees and above-average certificates.
  • Age ranges from 22 to 30 years.
  • Males are exempted or not required for military service for at least 3 years.
  • Youth who currently do not work and did not work for the least six months.
  • Full-time dedication is required and the trainees must pledge to participate in all training sessions, the majority of which will be held in the morning.
  • Trainees must pledge that they are not currently working even on a part- time basis.
  • Passing the first interview successfully.
A symbolic deposit of 30 EGP is paid by the applicants, to be returned back after the awareness course. And in case the trainee attends the theoretical training programs; he/she pays 10 % of the total cost of the training and NEDA will pay the 90 %, and this is only to ensure the seriousness and commitment of the trainees.
An application from must be completed and a personal interview with the applicant must be performed. The applicant must pass the personal interview to be accepted in the program.
  • 2 personal photos.
  • A photocopy of the national ID card.
  • A photocopy of the graduation certificate.
  • A photocopy of the military service certificate (males only).
  • A signed commitment contract to reserve both parties' rights.
The awareness program is a training program performed under the supervision of specialists in Youth Training for the job market field. During the program, a group of important and interesting subjects will be presented such as: how to market yourself, how to write a CV, how to pass a personal interview, communication skills, presentation skills, seriousness and commitment in the work place, business etiquette and building a successful work relationships , … etc. This will be carried out for 12 days from 9 am to 3 pm.
The trainee is committed to attend at least 90 % of the total lectures.
If you do not attend some of the lectures without previous permission from the awareness program staff, you will lose part of the program and will miss on acquiring the necessary that would qualify you to the job market. Additionally, you will not get back the symbolic fee deposited.
A final evaluation will be held at the end of the awareness program to evaluate the extent of your benefit from the program and the extent of the change you experienced after attending the awareness program.
Each trainee is eligible to receive a certificate from NEDA to certify that he/she attended the lectures after assuring the attendance of the lectures and not exceeding the allowable limit of absence.
  • Passing the awareness program successfully.
  • Good behavior and conduct during the awareness program.
  • The willingness to accept the jobs that are available in the job market.
  • Passing the second personal interview successfully to ensure the compatibility between your skills, the training provided and the job market needs.
The training fields of the theoretical training program are determined according to some elements such as: personal skills of the trainee, the results of the second interview, job market needs, available trainings and the desire of the trainee.
The training is performed in specialized and certified training centers such as: New Horizon Training Center, Russian Cultural Center, Accountants Training Academy, CARES Institute for Special Needs and others.
According to the current job market needs, the available training fields are: administrative assistance, secretarial work, accounting, sales, telesales, customer service, call center, care for elderly and people with special needs). A regular update of this list is performed according to the job market needs.
The trainee will receive an accredited certificate in the training field he/she attended from the training center during the graduation party. To receive a certificate the trainees are required to attend 95 % of the training and pass the training tests successfully.
The trainees will be evaluated during the training through NEDA’s staff to ensure the commitment and behavior of the trainees during the training. Also, the extent of the trainees benefit from the training is checked. In addition, the training centers perform some tests in the training program to ensure his/ her passing the training successfully.
The trainee starts to apply the skills he/she acquired to look for job opportunities.
Sometimes, NEDA offers some practical training opportunities in different companies and organizations.
The practical training is an opportunity for direct contact with the job market and applying skills studied during the awareness and theoretical training programs, and it is done in one of companies or organizations that provide training opportunities.
They are companies or organizations believe in the goal and model of NEDA in developing youth capabilities to prepare them for the job market.
No fees are required during the practical training.
The companies and organizations will evaluate the trainees. Also, NEDA will follow-up on the trainees to ensure their benefit from the practical training.
The companies and organizations might offer work opportunities for the distinguished trainees according to their needs and the job opportunities available there.
NEDA will follow-up on the trainees during and after the practical training to ensure their benefit from the training.
The certificates are delivered to the trainees after the training is finished in a graduation party attended by NEDA board and staff, some guests and the graduates.